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Back in December 2003 I put together an RSS primer called What is RSS? Lots of people have linked to to the resource as it is a fast and easy way to introduce RSS to website visitors. The content has been revised a couple of times but there have been many requests to extend the content to provide more comprehensive information on RSS. Although many web users understand what a feed is or at least what it is for, there are still many who do not or could learn how to make better use of feeds.

Thats where this blog comes in.

I can see some definite areas that can be explored related to RSS and other feed types. This blog will allow extension of the content to provide a deeper understanding of RSS feeds and how they can be used - both by people who visit websites and those who build them. One of the plans for the first few months of this blog is to develop some tutorials for people new to RSS.

Back when the site was first created the use of desktop readers was common, but now the major way of consuming feeds is via web-based aggregrators. As well as the increase in the number and quality of web-based aggregators, there are a huge number of desktop and web-based tools that have been developed to work with feeds. This blog will review existing RSS tools and resources and feature new resources as they appear.

Overall - this blog gives the opportunity for improvement of What is RSS? and will hopefully help develop the resource to be of greater value to the Internet community.

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