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Have a blog or other site that outputs an RSS feed? Want more exposure for your site or feed? Masternewmedia has compiled and regularly updates a list of websites where RSS feeds can be submitted. Each link has been tested and there is information on the website and how it works, as well as a direct link to the feed submission page.

List of RSS Submission Sites

There is also a feed of these sites which updates as the list is updated, so you can submit to new sites as they are added …

RSS Feed Feed of RSS Submission Sites

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  1. Sue Ferrando wrote:

    I am totally confused with this RSS, Trackback,Typepad,Pings and there is another one close to Typepad but at this time I can’t remember it.

    I did follow the trail to Yahoo and added RSS to that site. You have 10 slots and all of them went into the 10th slot??? But didn’t say what to do next. I see on every site to use this URL for trackbacks, pings, RSS. What URL? Mine from my Townhall blog site? or their’s on their blog site?

    The biggest problem trying to get answers is that you can not email a person. It’s an automated system. No matter what you ask it tells you to put a different words. I’m only asking one question. I have been in the email world of coustomer service that I received an email from a customer and worked directly with them on the issue until we fixed it. I”m not sure what companies don’t understand today about when you need to ask a question you need a person not an animated system. I realize it saves companies money but it loses them customers. I know the mantra for companies is “If you quit there are a hundred to replace you, so have a nice day”

    I have been going around and around with Yahoo. I cannot get the right words the IVR system wants. I have had the same luck with Google. It says I can’t haave my screen name because it not available. I can’t get them understand that the one they say isn’t available is me.

    I’m dancing as fast as I can and I do know how systems work it is what I did, build systems. But now they all seem to be broken.

    Any information you can give me please do.

    Thank you,
    Sue Ferrando

    Posted 12 Aug 2007 at 8:18 pm

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